United Minmatar Nation Industries

We are a mining, indy, missioning, exploring corp based in and around heimatar and molden heath regions. We're a very tight knit group who help each other and our alliance out, covering Europe and US time zones.We like to have fun, and understand that this is just a game, so we don't make any demands on your time or expect you to be involved with every op.

We currently offer:

--High and Low Sec Group Mining

--Ore buyout program, you mine it, sell it to corp buyer at local office for a very good price. No need to work your refining skills up immediately

--Good Ore Reprocessing Rate

--Barge program. Corp get's retrievers/covetors at discounts for members

--Level 4 Missioning

--Daily ops with the corp or alliance members, so you will always have something to do.

We are looking for:

--New and also experience miners

--Mission runners


All that we ask in return is that you be polite to other members, pitch in and help out when need and most importantly have fun.Also piracy,can tipping, scamming and smack talk will not be tolerated..

Anyone interested or wanting to find out more please visit ingame channel Umni Recruitment